Kitten on a Plane

I just met the cutest, tiniest kitten at the Raleigh/Durham International airport in December 2019, His name was OB (short for Outer Banks…as in the coast of North Carolina).

He is a healthy, handsome 7-week old tabby.  His human mother, Teriann shared that she was at the end of a lovely vacation enjoying the coast of NC with her  mother and sister. Her newborn baby kitten made the airport his amusement park and frolicked all about within the perimeter of Teriann’s luggage, of course.

I could not remember a time in my past that I had encountered a kitten, either in person or as an observer. None of my friends had any pets growing up. Although my parents were given an adult cat, well after I had moved out, this kitten helped to teach me that there is a big difference between a cat and a kitten.

What do you know about kittens?

They need help becoming comfortable with people.  Kittens may be timid at first but with patience, kindness and humane training, I can blossom. What you teach me while I’m a kitten will have a lasting effect when I am fully grown. I’m a social animal but I’ll need your help in gradually exposing me to people and experinces to raise my comfort level.

They are obligate carnivores. It’s not a want, it’s a need. Unlike their vegetarian owners, they must receive good quality protein from meat sources.

They can be trained. You may have believed only dogs could be trained but kittens are smart and willing to learn. Take the time to understand what they need and how to best communicate with them. They respond to caring and positive training methods.